Thirsk Winton LLP

Legal & Beneficial Ownership Disputes

We advise on disputes concerning real estate of the following nature:-

Legal ownership of real estate
  • Remedying situations in which a party is wrongly named on or omitted from HM Land Registry title registers.
Beneficial ownership of real estate
  • Clarifying the extent of parties’ respective beneficial interests (for example the balance due from the net proceeds of a sale)
Unravelling complex trusts of land
  • The registers at HM Land Registry often do not reflect the true position with regard to legal and beneficial ownership of land. Careful examination of historic documentation can clarify the position.
Orders for sale of property
  • Problems can arise when co-owners have different plans for a property. In certain circumstances we can assist in obtaining an order for sale or transfer from the court.
Non-performance of contractual obligations
  • Breach of contractual obligations relating to real estate often result on major financial consequences for the creditor party (for example a co-owner, landlord or mortgage lender). Swift action to remedy that breach and recover lost sums is required and we can assist in that respect.