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Get the Apostille the easy way

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) some time ago scrapped their public counter, leaving the postal service the only way for members of the public to obtain the Apostille.  This was after first moving their operation to Milton Keynes, far away from most of our clients.

Fortunately, Thirsk Winton LLP offer a legalisation service which offers a cost-effective and efficient means of obtaining the Apostille on a document.

For £100 + VAT, we will arrange legalisation of your Notarial document.  This price includes the FCO fee, and ensures your document is sent securely through the DX system (rather than the Royal Mail) to our trusted agents who hand deliver the document to the FCO for legalisation.  The document is then collected by hand, and returned to us by DX.

The process takes about four working days, following which the document is available for collection from our offices.  If you need it even quicker, ask us about the various expedition options available.

Some documents can be directly legalised with the Apostille, without being notarised first. Speak to one of our Notaries for more information about all of our notarial and legalisation services.


  1. 5th May 2010    

    Amazing that the FCO can justify such a hike!
    Commendable that Thirsk Winton has chosen this course of action – this is one reason why I refer you over the competition…

  2. 6th May 2010    

    I had no idea. Very interesting and surprising. Good luck Thirsk Winton.

  3. Jason Winton Jason Winton
    11th May 2010    

    I believe the rise was capped by some form of limit imposed on government departments, hence the strange amount by which the price has risen. Not so long ago, the legalisation fee was £12!

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