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Will Aid campaign a great success

The Will Aid campaign of November 2009 proved to be a great success, with £1,960 being raised for Will Aid charities. Thirsk Winton LLP will again be taking part this coming November and appointments can be made shortly prior to the start of that month.

Certificate of £1,960 being raised for Will Aid

The scheme is simple.  Instead of paying us a fee for drawing up your will, you are invited to make a charitable donation to Will Aid, at a suggested level of £75 for a single will, and £110 for mirror wills for a couple.  Will Aid collect the donations and then distribute them to a number of charities including the NSPCC, Save The Children and British Red Cross.

For more information, take a look at the Will Aid website.

What does the law firm gain from preparing free wills?  Nothing other than greater exposure and the chance to get new clients to visit their offices and see how they provide their clients with a high quality service.  A great idea, a great cause, and a great way for lots of people to take the important step of having a will written.

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  1. Matt Barrett Matt Barrett
    1st July 2010    

    In a difficult economic climate the need to generate short term profit is understandably increasingly important. I fear some practitioners may focus their efforts disproportionately in this direction.

    It is therefore a breath of fresh air to encounter a firm successfully balancing the need to be commercially viable with an emphasis on moral duty to society through the Will Aid Scheme. It is perhaps a precedent for other firms in the sector to seek to emulate.

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