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Lasting Powers of Attorney – safeguarding your future

A Lasting Power of Attorney allows you to give other trusted individuals (known as your attorneys) legal authority to deal with matters on your behalf. You can give them authority at any time while you have capacity to do so, or they will assume authority once you lose that capacity.

There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney (you can appoint attorneys for either or both):-

Property & Financial AffairsĀ 

This allows your attorney to make decisions for you with regard to your property and finances, such as:-

  • Buying or selling property
  • Paying any debts or bills
  • Managing investments

Health & Welfare

This allows your attorney to make decisions for you with regard to healthcare and welfare issues, such as:-

  • Where you should live
  • What courses of medication should be undertaken
  • What activities you take part in

It is important to remember that the Lasting Power of Attorney does not become effective until you:-

a) Register it with the Office of the Public Guardian


b) Give your attorney specific authority or lose capacity.

Lasting Powers of Attorney are an extremely useful tool to ensure your future well being is safeguarded. For peace of mind, call us today on 020 8505 4777 to arrange a free initial appointment.

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