Thirsk Winton LLP

Supporting Resolution’s “Good Divorce” Week

Resolution is a membership organisation for family law professionals committed to working in a constructive way. Our Family Team are accredited members of Resolution and support the values encouraged by Resolution in navigating divorce for client. Choosing a Resolution accredited firm of solicitors means that you will be guided through those first steps of divorce in a manner that will offer support and understanding to your emotional journey and to help manage any conflict in a non-inflammatory and non-confrontational manner.

Adopting an aggressive approach to negotiations rarely can impede progress and such an approach does very little to help focus attention on the needs of the parties involved. Issues need to be resolved fairly and reasonably to gain an outcome where both parties can move on independently. Divorce should not be a battlefield but an acceptance that sometimes life doesn’t work out as planned and clients need to be guided on how to separate their life/income/assets.

Where there are children of a marriage which has broken down then good communication with your ex-spouse is desirable. It is hugely beneficial for children to have both parents in their life and a good example should be set to them on how to resolve problems sensibly and fairly.

Telling children about divorce and managing their emotions can be a daunting prospect. Parents may worry they that will see their children less and there will be the worry of what impact a divorce will have on the child’s wellbeing. Correct communication at this first step is key and mediation or counselling is encouraged.

Resolve practitioners aim to reduce and discourage any emotional ‘warfare’ or ‘games’ as these can have a lasting detrimental impact on their children’s view of themselves, their parents and relationships they may form themselves in the future. Parties should be guided on how their decisions may impact children of the marriage, allowing them to continue to grow in a loving and nurturing environment.

Here at Thirsk Winton LLP, we can guide you with taking the first steps towards divorce as painlessly as possible. We handle each case with sensitivity, confidentiality and understanding.