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Warner flats drive surge in Waltham F...

Warner flats drive surge in Waltham Forest house prices

Land Registry have released fresh house price data, revealing some striking trends in annual house price increases. ┬áTheir “heat map” vividly reveals the difference in rates of increase for London boroughs relative to the surrounding provinces. However, one borough stands out amongst the others – ┬áthe London Borough of Waltham Forest has shown price increases […]

Register your property

Production of your “Title Deeds” has long been accepted as proof of ownership of property. In the past, prior to any centralised record of property ownership, safekeeping of these Deeds was vital to ensure you could successfully sell, transfer or otherwise change the ownership of your property. However, since the late 1980s it has become […]

Time to update your Will?

Making a Will with a reputable law firm is vital to ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes in the most tax efficient manner. If you have already done so, you have taken the first steps to safeguarding your beneficiaries’ future. However, circumstances change over time, and it is possible that your Will […]

Lasting Powers of Attorney – sa...

A Lasting Power of Attorney allows you to give other trusted individuals (known as your attorneys) legal authority to deal with matters on your behalf. You can give them authority at any time while you have capacity to do so, or they will assume authority once you lose that capacity. There are two types of […]