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Right of First Refusal – Pros a...

Right of First Refusal – Pros and Cons

If you live in a block of flats, whether purpose built or in a converted house, then your Freeholder has an obligation to offer you the chance to purchase the freehold if they ever want to sell it. This is known as the “Right of First Refusal” and applies whether the Freeholder is going to […]

Non-existent Freeholder – how d...

Non-existent Freeholder – how does it happen and what can you do?

Whilst the concept of unregistered Freehold land is possibly well known, though becoming far less frequent, what people are often surprised to hear is that you can even have a Freehold piece of land that appears to have no owner at all! This situation arises where a Company owned the Freehold title but was then […]

Absentee landlords – Playing hi...

Absentee landlords – Playing hide and seek?

Though it can seem quite strange for a property owner to ‘forget’ or ‘leave behind’ assets worth considerable sums, it can happen that when a Tenant seeks to extend their lease or groups of Tenants want to collectively purchase their Freehold, they cannot actually locate their Freeholder and would appear to have no means to […]