Thirsk Winton LLP

Relationship Breakdown

We deliver, in a supportive and empathetic fashion, advice relating to the breakdown of all types of relationships including:-

  • Marriage
  • Civil Partnership
  • Unmarried Couples

As well as guiding you through the procedural elements of legal separation, we will ensure you are fully aware of your financial position upon breakdown of a relationship. Consideration will often need to be given to the following complex topics:-

  • Maintenance provision for you or your former spouse
  • Financial support for children of the relationship
  • Division of assets upon separation (real estate, pensions, shares, cash, etc)

A swift and amicable financial settlement is, of course, preferable but not always possible. Should a satisfactory solution not be immediately achievable we will adopt a robust but conciliatory approach to negotiating with the other party and representing you at court hearings.