Thirsk Winton LLP


The importance of having a Will in place to deal with your estate cannot be overstated.  Without one, the laws of intestacy apply – it falls to the law to determine what will happen to your estate and to whom it will be distributed.

We can prepare your Will so that it meets your individual needs and provides certainty that your estate will pass to the beneficiaries you choose, on the terms you decide, and in a tax efficient manner.

We are experienced in drafting both simple and complex Wills.  Call us to make an appointment.

Many of our clients have come to us after using unregulated will-writers or DIY kits from stationers, and found that important points have been overlooked in the drafting of their will.  Because we also deal with probate matters, we know the issues which can arise from wills which have not been professionally drawn. Rather than leave it to chance, instruct professional, regulated lawyers to draw up your will.