Thirsk Winton LLP

Residential Conveyancing

In every residential conveyancing matter our service is tailored to the particular needs of that client. We can do this because we are not a “volume conveyancing factory”, just processing transactions as fast we can. Instead we offer the traditional full service approach but married to a modern, technically competent and technology-reliant system of client service. We communicate with our clients on their terms, via their chosen medium and with the right mix of legal know how and jargon-free plain English. Some of the most common questions we answer are:

Row of housesAren’t you more expensive than the Internet-based conveyancers I found using Google?

We might be, we might not. Ask us for a no-obligation quote, and then ask us to explain the difference between the volume conveyancing factory you were looking at, and us. You might then share our view that our approach to excellent client service and our competitive fixed-price quotes combine to make a great value proposition.

Do you pass all conveyancing work to unqualified “executives”, “paralegals” etc.?

Have a read of our website and, preferably, pay us a visit. We do not employ unqualified staff and give them a fee-earning role. The only person running your conveyancing file is a highly qualified solicitor. If they happen to be away, the person covering them in their absence is another highly qualified solicitor. No paralegals. No unqualified conveyancers. No executives. Now ask the volume conveyancing factory you found via Google the same question. Consider what happens if something a bit unusual arises during your conveyancing transaction, something requiring experience and know-how to fix, but also authority and decision-making capability. Can you afford to wait whilst an unqualified paralegal refers the question up the hierarchy?

I hate the thought of traditional law firms sending letters by post, waiting days for replies

That’s one tradition we are happy to dispense with. We prefer emailing documents whenever we can, and we have found our clients prefer it too. Of course we are happy to post out large documents rather than insist on you printing them. But we have found, more often than not, our clients much prefer email to post. With good reason too – we think it has helped to cut the time taken to complete most of our transactions.

What about those hidden extra charges like “Fee for completing Stamp Duty Land Tax forms”?

We are strongly averse to this opaque practice. In our mind, if a purchase transaction needs a Stamp Duty form to be filed, it is not optional and it should not incur an extra charge. It’s a classic tactic of quoting a low basic price for conveyancing and then piling on the add-ons. You won’t find us taking that approach.